New Life – Welcome to Japan 2010

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Uncategorized


6時頃 東京に到着しました。As soon as we got off the plane it was めっちゃ蒸し暑いです。It was around 24℃ but the humidity was around 95%. We then dropped our bags off to this section and then hoped on a bus after collecting our luggage from the baggage claim area. なりた空港から新宿のケイオ プラザ ホテルまで1時間ごろ。It was about 9:30 and we couldn’t check into our rooms until about 1pm, so we decided to drop off our bags that we were carrying and check out Shinjuku. We walked around a bit, Tim, Eden and Rafael, lucky for us Raf had studied in Tokyo before and so could guide us around a bit. We decided to go to a LAWSON and buy some おにぎり. We were sweating like pigs, but we just had to keep filling in time. 1時頃ホテルに戻って帰って、チェックインしました。I was staying in the South tower block, room number #1160 with Leslie and Rafael. After we showered and freshened up, Raf went to meet a friend and some of the other Sydney JETS met up and went out for dinner and drinks. I didn’t stay out too late as the next time was the first day of orientation.


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