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Well… what an interesting 2.5 days I had at Rinku Town, at the 関西国際センター! It wasn’t too far for me to travel there from Tadaoka, but it was still humid! And I suppose, atleast I didn’t get into the wrong carriage like one of my fellow JETS (poor thing!). Anyway we got sorted into our classes, and I was in Class C, which was the highest level class for us JETS… Our teacher spoke abnormally fast! I could understand most of what was going on, but I’m sure I was the worse one in my class… Anyway, the first day was ok, when through the topic of “my home town” stuff, and which country we came from and stuff… After class we went to this Indian Restaurant and had the best Indian I have had in ages! Or maybe it’s because it had been so long since I had eaten Indian, it was like heaven….

After eating our awesome インド料理, we hoped on our bikes that we borrowed and headed for a pit-stop by the local コンビニ to buy some alcohol and then make out way back to the Centre for some Karaoke time!!! I think we were singing for something like 3 hours… and they had recent songs! Andre even got to sing Rhianna & Eminem latest song ‘Love the way you lie” which everyone kinda pitched it to!

The next morning I felt so tired.. but I went to go eat breakfast where I met some of the other JETs and then it was of to Hell class again, with the super fast speaking teacher. Anyway, got through the day, and got told about the speech that we would have to talk about in the morning of our last day.

We went out for dinner, and it was good.. I’m totally thankful that I went, coz I ate the most yummy dessert!

I chose the topic of 異文化理解, but coz my 日本語 is like not pro yet, it took me from 10pm to 6:30am to type, and then write (as I had no paper to print) and then go back to my room, have a shower, go eat breakfast, head to the Anime/Manga option class which was lucky coz it was only 2 of us that went and the teacher felt kinda sad that not many people came.. and then speech time! I seriously looked like death warmed up! BUT I managed to do my speech, and I even said it faster than when I did summer school speeches at 東広島の国際プラザ!

Had the farewell speeches, blah blah blah, came home feeling really tired, but decided to stay away until 5pm, when I would go to あけぼの for dinner and then go to bed. But my B.O.E person rung me and said that he would take me to Yamada Denki to get the wireless device, so I would have wireless in my マンション. So that was good.. and I also got a cover for my iphone, my current love ^^

So last night I slept for about 10-11 hours, almost late for work, but still looking like crap, so much so that when I was saying my 「おはようございます」to the teachers as I entered the 職員室, the teachers were like 「あ〜 眠そうやん」. Great… the teachers can see how tired i still am….. But it was an alright day, my 1st day that I spent the whole day at school! Even though I didn’t have any classes to attend to, It was good! Tomorrow I’m going to go to eat 焼き肉 with one of the other teachers (Who’s name I haven’t learnt yet)… and continue marking the 3rd years summer homework! and then Off to the city probably for drinks with the other Jets! fun fun fun… busy busy busy… and then I’ve got to go to a catch up dinner with some peeps from Uni back in Armidale on Saturday night…

Loving life in Japan~ xoxo



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携帯電話ありますよ! The Iphone 4g! And it came at a good time, because I had to take my computer to the Shinsaibashi Apple store to get checked out. So I still had my very much needed music, games, internet and facebook… It took me a while to get used to it, but I’m getting more confident everyday! よーしっ!! ^^

I’ve also managed to catch up with Sayaka and Evelyn (again). We had a bit of a look around Umeda, ate some awesome Curry, walked around dotonbori and almost died from the heat!

暇時にモチロン泳ぎますが、もっともっと日本のテレビを見ると、好きな番組を見つけています!Anime, food shows, drama’s (君がいた日々), comedy shows, anything with Arashi.. I’ve also managed to see Toy Story 3 and Inception at the Cinema’s. I’m also beginning to learn and remember prices of the rail system, where to transfer and how to get to different lines and destinations. I’m also slowly building up my collection of オシャレ clothing~ ^_^

Last week Thursday I went to the school and checked 前川君 and Shiraki ちゃん English as there is a Speaking Comptetition coming up in 2 weeks time (Which I might also be a judge for). They have pretty much remembered the speech, and just trying to help them with the intonation which is a little harder to improve than I thought, but I think they will be ok. 実は、今、前川君はシドニーの近いのPitt Waterにホーム ステイしてます。So I hope he can improve his English in those 5 days he is in Australia. Shiraki ちゃん is so busy. I went to watch 忠岡中学校 Brass Band performance, which was really awesome and I saw Shiraki ちゃん performing, as well as I know she helps look after her two little siblings and also goes to 塾。

Anyway, I went to Yonezawa 先生 house for dinner with some other teachers, but I had a senior’s moment, and totally forgot everything about one of the 2nd year English teachers that I had worked with on Thursday when helping 前川君 and Shiraki ちゃん! ほんまにごめんなさい、こうざき先生!ここからこうざき先生のことを忘れませんよ!でも、その夜はめっちゃ楽しかったです。ちょっと、「ぷんぷん」って習いました!

Tomorrow I will be going to Rinku Town with the other Osaka-Fu JETS for Japanese Language Programme. I’m not sure how much I will learn from it, but I’m sure I’ll make closer bonds with the other Fu JETS.

SO much food

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1. Thank God It’s Friday!!

2. I’m glad to have people such as Mrs Wada (pictured above) and her nice family!

Today was the Bon Festival in Tadaoka, and Wada-San had asked me to come along with her and her family. I arrived to あけぼの and Mrs Wada‘s daughter was making Takoyaki (Octopus balls). It was so yummy! I was almost going to buy some for lunch, patting myself on the back for not buying those for lunch now! After eating Takoyaki, Beef Udon, mushrooms in rice, tempura, drinking cold tea and beer, I was pretty full! and with that, off to the Bon Festival we went!


I just had a great time chatting in English and Japanese with Wada-san and her family, I even finally got to meet her husband, Yoshi! I also found out if I just stay awake a bit longer, every Friday night at 12:58am Gakki no Tsukai is on channel 10! and also Nepleague is still on on Sunday at midday ^_^ My life just got better! Also a funny comedian at the moment is Imoto Ayako who I’m kinda falling in love with.. She’s so funny with her uber thick painted on eyebrows! lol

What a day..

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by the way, I didn’t take this picture.. this is some guy called 山本貴司. I just hope to get a body like that!

What a day! Well, because it wasn’t as hot and humid last night, compared with every other night so far into my current Japan trip, I actually didn’t wake up that much.. Only once when rain started to hit me in the face, but that was alright, it was cool and refreshing and it didn’t last that long.. So that meant I turned my alarm off and kept sleeping… ほんまによく寝たね〜!So I kinda had to run to the Board of Education this morning, so that I would make it close to 9am (my starting time for the BOE).

Pretty uneventful day.. came back home in my lunch break, checked the internet, etc etc.. but then it started to get bad when work finished. 4pm came, and I was out of the building! I came back to my apartment and my computer wouldn’t start.. for some unknown reason, the computer couldn’t find the battery! It’s like only just had it’s 1st birthday.. I was *so* pissed off with apple, but only for a second.. maybe i’ve been using it too much.. no? So I went to the convenient store at the corner of my block and paid the electricity bill, came back and still…. not working! So I called Apple back in Sydney (thank god it still worked with the AC adaptor) and they told me to book it in at Osaka – Shinsaibashi apple store. So I did that. I’m feeling kinda tired, but I know that I won’t be going swimming tomorrow because there’s some kind of festival in Tadaoka, my town, so I push myself to go to the pool. It’s 7pm, I haven’t eaten anything since lunch.. my arms are tired from yesterday, but I go.

There’s not many people, which is nice.. a bunch of older people in the lane next to me learning how to swim.. a few younger guys and girls on the other side of me. And in my lane, there’s only the 2 of us. I’m trying to swim for atleast 1 hour when I do go.., but my hands are paying the price for that.. they’re so dry now! i have to make sure I put moisturiser on them everyday! とにかく、ほかの一人の爺(?)スピードを着て、オレよりいい体だ!なんやろ、この爺!笑 絶対にあきらめない!

Anyway, I come home, decide to check my emails and stuff, and suddenly my computer turns off.. WTH?! but hey.. all of a sudden, the battery is working again! I have no idea what happened.. or why, but I’m glad it’s all working again fine! But I think i’m still going to go and take it to the Apple store and get it checked out.. just in case~

So now, I’m tired, just ate some コロッケ that I bought at lunch time, drinking my Pocari Sweat. So now I should write on some of my postcards that I bought when I was at Osaka Castle with some of the other 大阪府 JETS last weekend.


I woke up after a good sleep and then Raf and Les had a shower and then we got dressed into our “formal” wear, went down to breakfast which was buffet style, and then went to welcome speeches. At first we sat into our designated areas, so I sat with the Osaka-fu people and met the other people that are going to Osaka Prefecture. I also met the Osaka-shi JETS and I met Eric Chan who is from Melbourne and is a CIR. In the afternoon after all the speeches and info sessions were over, we ate another buffet style dinner, and a lot of Prefectures were have group outings. Osaka-fu JETS were having dinner the next night, so I hung out with other prefectorial JETS and went to カラオケ.

After than we returned to the hotel, but some of us decided to go out to ‘The Hub’ and have some more drinks. I was feeling pretty tired by then, but I went. It was 4 Aussies and 1 Irish man. When we went to the Hub, I was just watching the people around and sad to say, but there was a man in business attire and just drinking beer after beer. His eyes were blood-shot, face slightly red in colour. I just felt sorry for those types of men that have to do that to get through each day of life. I also observed a young-ish couple, this girl had a tattoo on her stomach, obviously it was new coz she was showing it to some of her friends that work at The Hub. I think Helen managed to get a photo of it (in secret). We all left the bar at about midnight, except Leslie and the Irish man. I was so tired, but it was fun to go out and just be stupid with Helen and Graham (who is from Perth).