Tokyo Orientation – Day 1

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I woke up after a good sleep and then Raf and Les had a shower and then we got dressed into our “formal” wear, went down to breakfast which was buffet style, and then went to welcome speeches. At first we sat into our designated areas, so I sat with the Osaka-fu people and met the other people that are going to Osaka Prefecture. I also met the Osaka-shi JETS and I met Eric Chan who is from Melbourne and is a CIR. In the afternoon after all the speeches and info sessions were over, we ate another buffet style dinner, and a lot of Prefectures were have group outings. Osaka-fu JETS were having dinner the next night, so I hung out with other prefectorial JETS and went to カラオケ.

After than we returned to the hotel, but some of us decided to go out to ‘The Hub’ and have some more drinks. I was feeling pretty tired by then, but I went. It was 4 Aussies and 1 Irish man. When we went to the Hub, I was just watching the people around and sad to say, but there was a man in business attire and just drinking beer after beer. His eyes were blood-shot, face slightly red in colour. I just felt sorry for those types of men that have to do that to get through each day of life. I also observed a young-ish couple, this girl had a tattoo on her stomach, obviously it was new coz she was showing it to some of her friends that work at The Hub. I think Helen managed to get a photo of it (in secret). We all left the bar at about midnight, except Leslie and the Irish man. I was so tired, but it was fun to go out and just be stupid with Helen and Graham (who is from Perth).


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