What a day..

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Tadaoka
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by the way, I didn’t take this picture.. this is some guy called 山本貴司. I just hope to get a body like that!

What a day! Well, because it wasn’t as hot and humid last night, compared with every other night so far into my current Japan trip, I actually didn’t wake up that much.. Only once when rain started to hit me in the face, but that was alright, it was cool and refreshing and it didn’t last that long.. So that meant I turned my alarm off and kept sleeping… ほんまによく寝たね〜!So I kinda had to run to the Board of Education this morning, so that I would make it close to 9am (my starting time for the BOE).

Pretty uneventful day.. came back home in my lunch break, checked the internet, etc etc.. but then it started to get bad when work finished. 4pm came, and I was out of the building! I came back to my apartment and my computer wouldn’t start.. for some unknown reason, the computer couldn’t find the battery! It’s like only just had it’s 1st birthday.. I was *so* pissed off with apple, but only for a second.. maybe i’ve been using it too much.. no? So I went to the convenient store at the corner of my block and paid the electricity bill, came back and still…. not working! So I called Apple back in Sydney (thank god it still worked with the AC adaptor) and they told me to book it in at Osaka – Shinsaibashi apple store. So I did that. I’m feeling kinda tired, but I know that I won’t be going swimming tomorrow because there’s some kind of festival in Tadaoka, my town, so I push myself to go to the pool. It’s 7pm, I haven’t eaten anything since lunch.. my arms are tired from yesterday, but I go.

There’s not many people, which is nice.. a bunch of older people in the lane next to me learning how to swim.. a few younger guys and girls on the other side of me. And in my lane, there’s only the 2 of us. I’m trying to swim for atleast 1 hour when I do go.., but my hands are paying the price for that.. they’re so dry now! i have to make sure I put moisturiser on them everyday! とにかく、ほかの一人の爺(?)スピードを着て、オレよりいい体だ!なんやろ、この爺!笑 絶対にあきらめない!

Anyway, I come home, decide to check my emails and stuff, and suddenly my computer turns off.. WTH?! but hey.. all of a sudden, the battery is working again! I have no idea what happened.. or why, but I’m glad it’s all working again fine! But I think i’m still going to go and take it to the Apple store and get it checked out.. just in case~

So now, I’m tired, just ate some コロッケ that I bought at lunch time, drinking my Pocari Sweat. So now I should write on some of my postcards that I bought when I was at Osaka Castle with some of the other 大阪府 JETS last weekend.


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