SO much food

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Tadaoka
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1. Thank God It’s Friday!!

2. I’m glad to have people such as Mrs Wada (pictured above) and her nice family!

Today was the Bon Festival in Tadaoka, and Wada-San had asked me to come along with her and her family. I arrived to あけぼの and Mrs Wada‘s daughter was making Takoyaki (Octopus balls). It was so yummy! I was almost going to buy some for lunch, patting myself on the back for not buying those for lunch now! After eating Takoyaki, Beef Udon, mushrooms in rice, tempura, drinking cold tea and beer, I was pretty full! and with that, off to the Bon Festival we went!


I just had a great time chatting in English and Japanese with Wada-san and her family, I even finally got to meet her husband, Yoshi! I also found out if I just stay awake a bit longer, every Friday night at 12:58am Gakki no Tsukai is on channel 10! and also Nepleague is still on on Sunday at midday ^_^ My life just got better! Also a funny comedian at the moment is Imoto Ayako who I’m kinda falling in love with.. She’s so funny with her uber thick painted on eyebrows! lol


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