First Day of School

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Tadaoka


Today was the first day of school! Well, so I had thought. I had got lesson plans done the day before, printed them off, went to a photo shop to get photos developed so that when I do my introductions I would be all ready, but actually today was mainly have the 1st school assembly for the term and teachers have meetings whilst students hang around school and don’t do anything…


Anyway, just going back a few days… Friday 2010年8月27日, After school, it was get ready and go out to Namba, well really we met at Shinsaibashi, but we walked towards Namba after meeting up. We went to this Nomihoudai place which at first we thought was only for 2 hours, so we were  getting out money’s worth, as you do! But then we asked at the 2 hour limit, and the waitress explained that because today was a weekend-night (Friday and Saturday night) the drinks stopped rolling out at 4am! So we kept drinking away, decided to stay out ALL night. Kinda out of it at like 2(??) am, but we went to a place called Sam and Dave (I think). We couldn’t find the right Sam and Dave‘s that Raz remembered, so we entered this one that we had found, and they were playing like crap music. I can’t even remember it was so crap – すぐ消したから.  Then once the trains started again, Greta and I went to Namba to catch our trains home and David, Koko, Ali and Raz went and caught their trains home. The only bad thing was that I kept falling asleep on the trains, sleeping way past my station, having to swap trains to catch it in the opposite direction.. I think I did this about 5 times before I managed to stay awake and get off at the right station! I pretty much crashed straight away, because it was cool in my room, coz I wasn’t planning on staying out all night and had set my Air Con to come on at like 11pm (and I arrived home at about 11am). Fail!!

Saturday, 2010年8月28日 ー I woke up at 4pm.. what a waste of a day, but with that I was having a shower because I was catching up with some ex-EPC people! 2 people from my old university are in Japan at the moment. 1, Tash is leaving soon, thus the catch up for this day but also 2, Luke and I have been keeping in contact lately and wanted to catch up! Perfect timing for all.. (except the tiredness and slightly hungover-ness). Anyway it was great. The 4 of us (also Luke’s girlfriend was there too) ate dinner and then we went to Karaoke for a while which was pretty cool too!  And then we split up into our ways because we all had slightly far to travel home!

Sunday 2010年8月29日 ー I slept so much Saturday night. Sunday was also pretty much a write off, but it was good to just rest! I kinda ditched Ootani san on Friday, because I was meeting up with the other JETS for drinks.. but I promised I would have lunch with her today! It’s kind of hard for her, because both her mum and dad are not in good health! So I really appreciated her sparing some time to take me out to lunch, and actually get to have a decent chat! We ate Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba and I had some 生ビール. She then told me a cheaper shopping centre, compared with LIFE which I live above… I forget what it’s called, but it’s not far from あけぼの so I will have to go and check it out for myself. I was planning on going to an Onsen in the afternoon, but I have to finish marking the 3rd Year’s summer homework.. so I guess I’ll be staying indoors this afternoon!!

Monday, 2010年8月30日 ー I was supposed to go and enjoy fireworks from the コンビニ, but こうざき先生 wasn’t answering her phone when I tried to call her after school.. kinda lucky for me, the other Osaka-fu JETS were catching up for dinner in the North Eastern side of the place, so I left to catch up with them.. Unlucky for me, in my haste to get to them ASAP, trying to follow the directions from my Iphone 4g and battling my way through the crowds of Japanese people trying to get home I got on the wrong train and was taken somewhere in the wrong direction for like 10 mins (I was heading to Nara….)

I eventually got there and had dinner, met a new JET, well he’s 2nd year, Patrick. Anyway, after dinner we went back to the building where Patrick, Raz and Ali live… I only checked out Raz’s room, but I’m sure they’re all pretty much the same.. I thought my place was small! their place is like half.. not even, slightly smaller than half of my place! I was totally shocked! Damn, I’m gunna be loving my place from now on!!


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