Another late update…

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Tadaoka
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I really have to write these blogs as soon as they happen, otherwise I’m going to forget stuff, and then what’s the point in writing this… It’s for me to remember stuff when I’m like old and decrepit and read this and be like “ahhhh yeah… that sounds like me on another Epik Travel

とにかく、先週の土曜日の夜、ほかのJETと一緒に 梅田に近くのゲイクラブ、Explosionと言うに行きました。ホンマに楽しかったです!ホンマ ホンマ!一人のゲイはオシャレだった。その人とダンスしました。ほかの人の唇が良かったってRazは言いました。ちょっとだけキスしたやけど、すごく楽しかった〜!

We left the club at about 5am, when the last song was finished.. my friends tried to tell me that it was finished, but I was having such a great time at the club, I didn’t want to go home… I wanted to stay and keep dancing. The club I used to go to in Sydney would go until like 8am~! anyway, I was pretty drunk, and apparently not walking in a straight line.. and yep, I fell asleep on a train and ended up in North Osaka… so as most people got home at 6 6:30am.. I got home at 8:30ish !! 馬鹿やな〜オレは。

So on the weekend, I also went to 太平の湯, my local Onsen place! I love that place already! Because it’s so hot these days, I especially love the cold bath. It’s something like 15°C, and I love spending time outside because there is usually a breeze blowing.. and yes, it’s one way of getting rid of tan lines!! I think it’s going to be my new joint on weekends.. or at least one of the days on the weekend!

Also, today I managed to meet my friend from Singapore!! I first met her 2 years ago in Higashi Hiroshima on a Japanese Summer School! So I was really happy that I could meet Liting again, and also her sister. They are going back to Tokyo tonight and then back to Singapore on the weekend… So I guess I will probably see them next when I go to Singapore~

So they wanted to eat Okonomiyaki or Yakisoba for dinner, which we did! and then we went to Baskin and Robins 31 for ice-cream after~ ^_^ I totally love ice-cream, so I was so happy. I ate the regular Double Waffle Cone with Love Potion 31 and Green Tea ice-cream! It was so fine! I kinda went to Heaven for a bit!

Other than that, teaching is going well. the 2年生の生徒 are pretty good at English! I was surprised after spending only last week with the 3年生の生徒! So I’m happy about that! I’ve also decided to be part of the Basketball Club, because there is no swimming club, and soon I won’t be able to swim at all because the pool will stop being accessible from the end of this month *tear* So I now have to start learning about basketball and it’s rules~


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