Old friends unite!

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Travel
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Oh dear… These “blogs” are turning more into “memoirs”… That is not what I was aiming for! But I’ve been so busy, especially more so in the last week as my 누나 came over for a week holiday from Korea, luckily I was planning on having a week of holidays at the same time! So where to start… Maybe the week before last week’s Friday!

Ok, so it was Friday 2010年9月17日 and it was Ali’s surprise birthday party. We had been planning this for a while. We especially wanted to do this as we heard from her good friend/Ex Jun that Ali hadn’t had many good birthdays and it was kind of becoming like this sad annual event. Anyway, I finished work, I met up with Ali for a Korean study lesson (as I’m helping her with Korean.. and I also need to atleast use some korean so I don’t totally forget it!!) We actually didn’t do any study, just had a coffee and chatted which was fine, but she didn’t want to have dinner, because Ali was planning to go to an Izukaya and eat ㅠ.ㅠ Too sad for me, because I knew we weren’t going to go to an Izukaya for food! Anyway, Ali was totally surprised when we went back to her place! The others had decorated her place, prepared cake, alcohol.. I saw her reaction to everyone yelling “surprise” at her.. she actually recoiled! haha.

Much fun was had by all, and after カラオケ and Macca’s, we went to sleep on Ali’s floor. But I had to wake up early, because it is like 1.5 hours to get to 関西空港 from Ali’s place and I had to meet 정연누나. I was VERY tired.. but I made it with the help of Pokari Sweat! We met, dropped her luggage off at my place and then went and watched the Danjiri Festival in Haruki and Kishiwada!

We later met up with さやか と ゆり, walked around for ages! So many people watching the Danjiri festival! And later on we went to Umeda were I left them to go quickly meet up with some other Sydney JETS.

So then it was Sunday, 2010年9月19日 . I had gone to bed around 8am in the morning.. woke up about 12 midday.. Anyway, eventually decided to meet up with さやか and 정연누나 at the Aquarium. This place is so cool, and I think I would have enjoyed it much more if I wasn’t tired as hell… but it was still amazing! We then went and rode the ferris wheel above HEP 5 in Umeda. It was so nice, and they had mini speakers that you can play music from your MP3 player as you look around Umeda city from god knows how high!

Monday 2010年9月20日 정연누나, Ali and myself head off to Kobe for some sightseeing and shopping. It was a really fun day, and we even got to eat お好み焼き even though we would be eating it again the next day at おおたにさん‘s house. We ate awesome cake, went to the coffee museum, looked at China Town, did some shopping ^^

Tuesday 2010年9月21日 We went shopping in Doutonbori. We spent pretty much the whole day there, walking around, looking at different places, and I met up with Kazu! We then went to this cheese cake shop in Namba and bought some, as we were going to おおたなさん‘s house for お好み焼き. It was really good, and it was HUGE! We met おおたにさん‘s son, だい)and her dog Lara. A very good day indeed!

(I will have to update the rest later.. too much to write, and not enough time!!)


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