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What a weekend!! Ok, so starting from Friday, school finished. I went home, packed some stuff.. wasted some time.. It was raining, so I didn’t really feel like trying to do too much. I decided to go to Umeda, arriving at 10:30. I went to go to Yodobashi Camera to the curry restaurant, but I couldn’t eat there, because most of the restaurants close at 11pm, and don’t let people enter at 10:30 ㅠ.ㅠ Which meant that I went to McDonalds for the first time (sober) and actually enjoyed my lemon and salt chicken burger. Anyway, met up with the others and caught the night bus to Hiroshima. Despite only sleeping like 2 hours on the bus, we made it to Hiroshima station at about 6am without much problem and from here we start our little adventure~!

We can’t check into our room until 4pm (It’s just the way things roll over in Japan), so we drop off our bags and head out to 平和公園 (Peace Garden) and also to 原爆ドーム (Atomic bomb dome).  I had been here before 2 years ago when I was doing a 3 week summer school at HIP (広島国際プラザ)but it is still amazing 2nd time round.

Anyway, time passed and we had a quick look through the Atomic Bomb Museum and then it was off to the 酒祭~!!
It was so good to go back to Saijo Station… brought back memories of catching the bus to YouMe Town, and catching taxi’s to HIP and also the Hairdresser that Taraちゃん got her hair cut and coloured at… So basically, when you pay and enter the Sake Festival, you get given this book about the different Sake and also a small Sake cup and then it’s pretty much 飲み放題 (drink as much as you want). I met so many people from my Tokyo orientation, friends of friends, strangers… and then eventually as I get more and more drunk I start to forget some of the night…

So apparently i met this kid (maybe elementary school kid) and I was claiming that he was my student and talking with him and chasing him around… I know.. sounds a bit.. umm.. へんたい, but I’m sure it was all innocent fun~ and also I don’t remember vomiting at the festival, or peeing on a tree.. so as far as I’m concerned I didn’t do that.. as long as there are no pictures, I can’t always believe what my friends say~

At the end of the night when we were all going home, we walked back to Saijo Station, helping along the drunk people.. and then for what ever reason, I decided to walk off and everyone else caught the train back to Hiroshima Station. I later woke up from my black zone to find myself walking with a bunch of random people back to Saijo station (again..??) and noticing that I don’t have my walled (or umbrella) anymore.. I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling that I gave it to Andre, so I’m not too worried about it. I eventually make it back to the station and realise that my friends aren’t here… I walk around for a while, but I can’t find anyone.. I then call Raz and Koko to find that they are back at the Hostel we are staying at in 中電前… Ok, so luckily みき and myself bought a train ticket to go back to Hiroshima station, and I have a 2 day pass for the ちんちん電車, so I can totally make it back home. I enter the station gates, the next train isn’t coming for a while, so I decide to take a seat – and then i fall asleep/pass out.

I wake up to the station guard telling me that there’s no more trains for the night and they are closing the station and to please leave. WTF… So I have no idea what to do… I start walking around, I’m trying to call Raz and Koko for help, but they aren’t picking up because they’re helping the drunk people with them.. I then call Ali (ごめん アリ) all the way back in Osaka for help.. she tells me of this place, which is right at the station, but they don’t have any rooms for the night.. my phone is about to die. I decide to walk around the streets looking for somewhere to stay, but there is no where for me… and then I check my money situation….. 25 YEN. I don’t have my wallet.. I’m stuck at Saijo. Apparently I told Raz and the others that I had friends here that I could stay with.. trying to comfort them so that they wouldn’t worry about me.. I walk for ages, and I find a korean church. I’m still very much drunk, so I knock on their door and then i say

“あ〜 すみません。ただおかの韓国の協会、知ってますか?”
〜 ”知りません”
“あ〜そうですか?すみません” and then I leave to roam the streets again.

I went to a temple, but the gates were locked so I thought about sleeping on the ground in front of the temple, but the concrete ground was too cold for me, so I only lasted 10 minutes there… So I walked to a near-by car park and squatted, but after a while, my legs became numb, so that was also out of the question. Eventually, I made my way back to Saijo Station and slept on a wooden bench. I slept for about 1.5 hours and then woke up at 4:30ish.. when the station guards came and opened up the station, because I had no money, I had to explain my situation..


So he gave me 570 and I bought a new ticket, caught the train to Hiroshima, caught the ちんちん電車 to 中電前 but because it was before 10am, the doors are locked by a passcode.. and because my phone was dead, I couldn’t call anyway to let me in… So I waited out the front until a delivery guy came and entered the building, and I snuck in after him.

After a shower and eating some breakfast, I still felt like crap, but I felt clean!


It was such a nice day, compared to the day before which was wet and cloudy, this day was bright, warm and sunny~ And such a good day compared to the night I had had.

When we were riding the cable cars back down to the bottom of Miyajima, we entered with a Japanese family, so it was 5 of them and DavidKoko and myself, and we chatted with their kids because hey, we are English teachers after all.. Japanese kids are so much more relaxed about speaking English outside of the classroom… if only we could make it like that inside the classroom too~!

After Miyajima, we went back to Hiroshima Station and ate Hiroshima-Yaki (Okonomiyaki, but Hiroshima Style) and then caught the night bus at 10:00pm. For what ever reason, the bus had stopped for like 30 mins or so so we didn’t arrive back to Osaka until after 5am, but hey.. I suppose at least the trains had already started.

So when I came back to my place, besides pretty much going straight to sleep, I did feel as though I had a good weekend, especially hanging out with the others~!! But I feel like I really really need a decent weekend of just doing nothing!! I have to try and slow down!!

After I woke up, I went to my local public bath house which was really nice, except as it became later and later, more families started to come, which made it really crowded, but there were 3 boys and they were so cute, because I was in the cold bath, and as they entered they were saying “Oh my god” !! haha.. again, English outside the classroom (And I’m not even sure if they knew I could speak English, because I don’t teach at Elementary school… and they were definitely Elementary school students~!)

  1. liting says:

    Hehee..i finally came to read your blog! Wad an exciting trip! I would be freaking out if I only had 25Y and stuck outside without friends or trains!

  2. connie says:

    LOLOL “hentai”

    oh gosh, i never took you to be such a drinker!

    i have a request. i cant read japanese, so i request that you translate what you say, please!

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