A week of highs and lows

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Tadaoka, Travel
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I’ve been trying so hard to avoid ‘Stage 2’ so much, even though I’ve had a couple of bad times already, though those 2 main situations have been aided with the aid of my old friend Alcohol. But last week was full of extreme highs and extreme lows… No happy medium.

I started to go to the local gym last week. Actually I started to go the week before last, but I only went 1 time, so I guess last week was the real starting week. That was a good thing because I actually feel really good going to he gym because I’m the only young person that goes, so I don’t feel 恥ずかしい that I’m not very strong.

Because my school is extremely small (eg doesn’t have a pool, the field area is outside of school grounds, so kids usually have to go else where to practice some club activities, such as baseball and track & field). This also means that in order to use PowerPoint to show a slide show, we have to use a different room for those classes. I was teaching 3年生, but hardly any of them listened to it, they kept talking, talking, talking and their voices are louder than my voice, so I can’t even yell to them to be quiet. This was a serious low for me.

Teaching 2年生 is always a joy, and this was another high. 2年生 are about the same English level as 3年生, and they listen and participate. There are a few bad students, but they aren’t dumb, so it kind of works out.

I also had dinner with one of my JTE‘s 米沢先生. Her neice came down from Chiba, near Tokyo for a wedding, so my JTE, her father, her neice and I went to a French restaurant. It came to more than $400AUS, but she didn’t accept any cash from me, even though I ate half of her fathers meal because he got tired and wanted to go home. The food was good, so this was probably the highlight of my week.

On Friday, I have 2 classes and they’re both in the am, so I get extremely bored after lunch. There is absolutely nothing for me to do, so I just study Japanese. I was at my desk in the staffroom and there weren’t many teachers at that time, but a 1st year girl came and asked for a key, but I couldn’t understand which key, and then she continued to speak in Japanese telling me how she hates English and how she got told that I could speak Japanese, but that it was obviously a lie and that my Japanese wasn’t good. So I understood everything except *which* key it was that she wanted.  I just wonder if she really spoke the truth and my Japanese is really shit…

Also, Typhoon Chaba is coming to Osaka, Honshuu area, so I was supposed to meet Chihiro on the weekend in Nagoya, but she cancelled because of the weather… It’s a pity… When will we meet next..? But I had organized to meet my friends, and I also cancelled going to the Osaka halloween party.

Saturday morning I got up at 5am, got a bit lost when transferring lines getting to Shin Osaka, but I still made it earlier than planned, so I was still happy.
I ended up meeting and first and we went to 中部大学 because there was a festival on, and I also got to catch up with other people such as パパゆうきユダイとアキホトモちゃんカヨコちゃん and I ate a lot of food at the various food stalls, but my favourite was the chocolate churos stick. Kayoko, Satk, Kenちゃん, Ryo and I then left to pick up Nobutaka who had to sit between my legs because there wasn’t any other space. We then went to a game center where Kenちゃん won heaps of food snacks, which was really fun as those machines are really addictive. Sat, Nobutaka, and I then went to have dinner where Sat drunk heaps of alcohol. We then moved to karaoke at 12am where we stayed until 5am when it closed.

Eventually we returned home, slept, woke up at 11am, and went to 中部大学 again with Kenちゃん. Sat was feeling like shit, so he slept on a bench whilst Kenちゃん and I walked around. We met ヤスヒロ with his +15 y.o. girlfriend, and then we just enjoyed walking around. We then left the uni and went to a small game center, macca’s and then back to Kenちゃん‘s house as he has a climbing wall in his house!!! It was really awesome. 見たことない!! I climbed and touched the roof. Ken’s dad took pictures and gave them to Sat and I. Then it was about time to come home, so I rode with Kenちゃん to Jinryou station.

The weekend was tiring, but definitely worth it to catch up with friends!!


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