Merry Christmas

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Travel
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Well, Merry Christmas everyone!

I can’t believe how fast this second half of the year has gone!! Since arriving to Japan, life has been going on hyper-speed with the occasional bump in the road, but hey, here I am, Christmas morning in Japan. My 2nd Christmas away from home and family.
It’s currently 8:45am and I’m sitting in Kansai International Airport, waiting for my flight to go to Taiwan to spend a few days catching up with friends.

Actually, it’s a really lucky time for me because the weather is going to turn crap here in Osaka, high speed winds that remind me when Cyclone Chaba was passing by, and it’s going to rain almost constantly for the next 5 days or so.. where as Taiwan is going to be sunny, warm, maybe it will be my reminder of Australia.
Well, anyway, because of the winds last night, my doors kept banging which didn’t help me get to sleep. I eventually got to sleep at about 11:30pm or so, woke up this morning just before my alarm, so maybe 3:45 am. I just had a coffee and a bite to eat at Starbucks. I might catch a few Zzzz on the plane over there, as I want to get the most out of my Taiwan trip.

I’m not sure if I’ll be internet-less over there or not, but I probably won’t have time to update anything anyway because like I just said, I want to get the most out of this trip as it’s only a few days, so it’s going to be go, go, go!

Signing off for now~


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