To escape Japan or not…?

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


So there was a major Earthquake on the 11th March that hit the coast near Miyagi prefecture. There has been constant news, not only because it was a Magnitude 9 Earthquake, but also because it caused a tsunami which literally destroyed towns like nothing, moving cars and trucks like they were toys. And that’s not just it either. The tsunami caused damage to the back-up generators for the Daiichi Nuclear Plant, which is now releasing radiation. Japan is trying to cool these reactors down as fast as possible, even using sea water to try and keep the rods in the nuclear factory cool.

Australia, America and some other countries have advised people not to go within an 80 kilometer radius of the Nuclear factory, a much increased distance compared to that of Japan which still remains at 30 kilometers.
And then, not only that, the weather is still strange, and it has been snowing creating a very cold and sad feeling especially for those that have lost everything and are currently living in school sports gyms.

Australia is advising any Australian residents to get out of Tokyo. I’m living in Osaka, but the news is constant and friends and family are worrying. I thought I wouldn’t leave unless there was going to be some type of damage or disaster to my area, but I’m thinking I might just leave to have a break from it all. Spring Vacation is coming up, and even though my Board of Education tells me “well, if you’re going to take more time off work than your annual leave, your salary will go down for the month”. It’s so stupid that teachers here don’t get the school holidays off like in Australia.

My mind is just so confused about what to do. It’s so sad to watch the news everyday. I want to help, but I’m not sure what I can do. I’m donating money to Japan to try and help out. I’m just not sure what i’m going to do…


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