Bad school – update

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Tadaoka


People in my town, people in surrounding towns and even people from far away know that Tadaoka Junior High School doesn’t have the best reputation. I know families that have moved out of Tadaoka just so that their children don’t have to go to Tadaoka JHS. My school’s Board of Education (BOE) doesn’t have that much money to spend on fixing the school up because they’re constantly repairing the damage. Broken windows – the glass is taped together because it’s too expensive to replace it. Things like burning toilet paper, putting toilet paper rolls in the toilet, making balls of wet toilet paper and then throwing them at people are also common events. 

Today a boy fell out of the window on the 1st floor (2nd floor if you’re American; 2階から落ちた). He is a bit of a bad boy, and I described this as “karma” to one of my teachers. He went to hospital, but looks like he’ll be alright. I’m not so sure if that’s a good thing or not – in any case I hope it stops him from being bad for a while. I also tried to stop one of the students from throwing wet balls of toilet paper, which seemed to anger him more, but I really hate it how they can get away with doing all these bad things without punishment. It’s especially times like these that I wish I was more fluent in the language so that I could fight my case, but instead I pretend that I can’t understand what they say.

Anyway, no damage except that my thumb nail was lifted up a bit, so that it bled underneath the nail bed. I really hate that because my thumb becomes useless due to weakness and pain.

This is of course not every student. The majority of students these days at my school are good… Well, they’re not in the “bad” category. For me, the ‘bad’ students are those that smoke at school, talk on their mobile phones, etc… I feel that the kids that wag school are better.




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