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24th December 2011

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Travel


It has snuck up and is ready for the attack. That’s right, it’s Christmas time yet again.
I can’t believe how fast this 2nd half of the year has passed! Again, I’ve been travelling, so time to update again… Though it might be a slow process as I’m travelling at the moment. I have to really update as I do things… >_> *grumble grumble*

Ok, so my friends and I went for a road trip to Amanohashidate (天橋立), 1 of the 3 must see scenic places in Japan. The others being the Floating Gate (Torii) in Miyajima and the Islands of Matsushima. Amanohashidate is also known as the “Bridge to Heaven” because when you go to the look out point, face the opposite direction and then bend over so that you’re looking through your legs, it looks like a bridge to heaven.



So normally it will look like this:   And this is what it becomes: 

It took about 3 hours to get to Amanohashidate from Kobe by car, which wasn’t too bad. But it’s a pity we didn’t really get a chance to eat crab, as the seafood is supposed to be better here. *Flashback to when we were together again in Sapporo and didn’t really get to crab out on good crab – missed chance*


We were missing 1 person due to a cold, but we still managed to make a small mark from our home Sydney, Australia!! ^_^
Couldn’t complain about the weather at all!! Lucky!!
In attendance: myself, Julie Tran, Helen Tran and Matt King.

And we went during the time of ‘Autumn leaf viewing’, so the hills had tree’s of green, yellow, red, orange and brown colours~ It was really pretty!


So when we finally came back to Kobe to split our separate ways again, we made a slight detour to visit Tetsujin!!