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Having friends come  over to the country I’m currently in and then staying at my place and hanging out is definitely fun! It’s even better when it’s like one of my best friends!! Thanks Jaimie!!

He came in December and stayed at my place, just looking around Osaka a bit before going to Fukuoka where he did a 5/6 week language course. We did also make it to Tokyo to go to the YG Family Concert in Saitama!! We walked next to Jun Matsumoto (まつじゅん) from Arashi (嵐)!! And we got our seats upgraded to right in front of the stage because a camera had been set up over our original seats!! SCORE!! I found a whole new love for PSY (싸이), Gummy (거미), Bigbang (빅뱅), 2NE1, SE7EN & JINUSEAN. We also did a bit of exploring and popped into the the A & F store for a quick photo.. ^_^ hehe

In January I went to Fukuoka (福岡) and met some of Jaimie‘s teachers and had izakaya food and then home made dumplings!! I would like to explore more of Fukuoka, but I guess I’ll save it for another time!

Next we travelled by the JR Beetle to Busan. I tried to reserve a spot via the internet, but because my credit card isn’t actually a credit card.. it’s a visa debit, it wouldn’t allow me to book it online, so I ended up calling the number and trying my best in Japanese to make a reservation, anyway, it was successful and we had our seats and just paid the cash at the terminal. It took 2.5 hours to get there, but it took a bit of time to go through the screening process and because of that we didn’t make it to Busan station in time to catch the KTX which I had booked online. Anyway, we bought new tickets and were on our way to Seoul pretty much straight away.. yet another 2.5 hour tripsleep~

We made it to Seoul, and it was pretty easy once we found our accommodation. Fraser Suite Hotel! When we checked in… free upgrade to a 3 bedroom suite! O_O ka-ching!! 2 bathrooms, so we had one each. Jaimie had the double bed, but my bed was still heaps comfy too! Kitchen.. like an actual kitchen! Decent lounges! It’s situated right next to Insadong, and close enough to Jong-no that you can go to bars and stuff . We wanted to go and check out “GRINDR“, but it was closed on Sunday nights *tear*. Anyway, soju + yakult = awesome! We also went to Seoul Tower, where I left part of myself there and we went to a Brown Eyed Soul concert! OMG, ALL of their voices are heaven!!

After 3 days in Seoul, which was NOT enough time to explore (though we did manage to make it to Condomania in Hongdae and get our ears pierced – 1 in each ear for Jaimie as it was his first time, and I got 2 in my upper left ear, now a total of 7), and non stop eating, we returned back to Japan where our other friend Nicola was coming over. We ate takoyaki, we went to a club called Explosion in Umeda, we rod the ferris wheel on top of Hep 5 and took purikura as well!!
Also, thanks to Helen, Helen invited us over to her pad in Kobe and she made us some viet crepes!! Delicious!! Yum!!

Now I’m back to a quiet and lonely place… Miss you Jaimie!! See you soon back in Australia!!