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After I arrived to South Korea on my F4 visa from Australia on a 1 way ticket, that visa has served its purpose and I now need to get a new F4 visa to actually stay in Korea and be able to apply for my foreigner card which will then allow me to set up a bank account and get a sim for my iPhone 4S ( What I didn’t bring with me was passport sized photographs! I ended up going to a 사진관 (sajin-gwan) in 이대 (Iwha Women’s University) as I couldn’t find any of those photo booths in the subway stations.


This studio is located from exit 1 of Idae station (이대역) next to Innis Free store. You go up to the 2nd floor and it’ll cost W30,000 but you’ll get about 10 photos (I think) and you get to watch this guy make you look AMAZING! Your skin will probably never look so good as a photo from South Korea or Japan! So smooth! For me, they also adjusted my nose and re-augmented my chin and lips. Removed my 5 o’clock shadow too! Well worth the money, and they also get you to put in your email address and send a copy for your own personal reserve.