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On my way back to Australia from Korea, I stopped by Osaka, Japan (as per usual) and I didn’t have much planned except the usual SpaWorld in south Osaka and then my friend Sayaka suggested that we try strawberry picking! I’ve always wanted to do this, and even though winter was just starting to settle in, Savor Farm (サバーファーム) in Tondabayashi (富田林) is one of the earliest places of the strawberry picking season (Eastern Osaka).



Thankfully Sayaka had a car, as getting there by public transportation looked a bit complicated and long, we got there in about 30~40 minutes from Sakai Station (堺駅) on the Nankai line (南海線) and once you pay to go in there is a 30 minute all you can eat strawberries!! But the only drawback is that you can’t take any strawberries away from the farm, they must all be eaten there and then (unless you bag a few and put them in your pockets as you leave…)

The strawberries were a decent size, and amazingly sweet! Considering how expensive they are, we definitely got our money’s worth of strawberries! It was a great experience and one I hope to do again, but next time I want to go to Awaji Island!!





This is the website, but it’s all in Japanese…



Today I went and visited an orphanage actually not too far from where I’m living.
Sometimes it’s hard to fathom that some people bring these wonderful children into the world, but are not fit to raise them. Hearing stories that some children have burn scars on their arms or something similar from their parents is quiet heartbreaking. I wish I could adopt some of them because they are sooooo cute! Playing with them for a few hours, I feel like i’m doing a good deed!

Something else I was shocked about is that a lot of these kids that are at orphanages, actually still have parents, but their parents are unfit to raise them, so these little kiddies might see their parents for a couple of days a week or something like that. And then not only that, but there’s apparently a LOT of orphanages around.

But even seeing them once a month is not much to give but so worth it when you see their smiling faces and hear them laughing.

It reminds me of my foster child in Korea. I wish I had a lot of money so that I could donate it to those places and people that really need it. Those kids are starting off with a handicap, but I’m sure they can finish with a decent ending!!


Today I went to Kobe because at the moment there is a ルミナリエ, like illumination type thing.. Look at the pictures, it’s easier to understand what I mean~

Tomorrow is the actual last day that these lights will be up, but tomorrow is a Monday, so it’s much better for me to go today, and I’m glad I did, because I went back to this awesome place called Espirit de Fouquet. I had been there before with 정연누나 and Ali before and it was good then, so I decided to go back by myself and I had the Berry Parfait. Oh my gosh!! It was totally a mouth f*#k~!!! Yum to the max!!

Slightly changing subjects, I was talking with some other JETs over the last few days.. especially because last Thursday and Friday was the Osaka JET mid-year seminar, so all of us came together for various work-shops and to voice some of our opinions and to gain knowledge to live easier lives and maybe learn some skills to better ourselves in the classroom and at school. Anyway, a common topic that came up was the amount of weird people in Japan… Majority of these “people” are in fact foreigners. As one of my Japanese friends said “There are usually 3 types of people that come to Japan. 1 is those that come for the cultural things. 2 is those that come for the food. And 3, those that come for Japanese girls“.

Tomorrow is another day at work, and then my friend Jacqui from Australia is coming over to visit. I still need to do the final touches of cleaning, but it’s mainly all in my bedroom, so I’ll have to do it after work tomorrow. Looking forward to having another friend around.. but it does mean that I won’t be able to walk around in my underwear again. I guess I can live with that still…