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After I arrived to South Korea on my F4 visa from Australia on a 1 way ticket, that visa has served its purpose and I now need to get a new F4 visa to actually stay in Korea and be able to apply for my foreigner card which will then allow me to set up a bank account and get a sim for my iPhone 4S ( What I didn’t bring with me was passport sized photographs! I ended up going to a 사진관 (sajin-gwan) in 이대 (Iwha Women’s University) as I couldn’t find any of those photo booths in the subway stations.


This studio is located from exit 1 of Idae station (이대역) next to Innis Free store. You go up to the 2nd floor and it’ll cost W30,000 but you’ll get about 10 photos (I think) and you get to watch this guy make you look AMAZING! Your skin will probably never look so good as a photo from South Korea or Japan! So smooth! For me, they also adjusted my nose and re-augmented my chin and lips. Removed my 5 o’clock shadow too! Well worth the money, and they also get you to put in your email address and send a copy for your own personal reserve.

And a crow eats my stomach

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I was outside on a nice sunny day where the weather wasn’t too hot nor too cold. I looked down and realised that my converse shoelaces were uneven, so I took them off and planned to re-thread them again so that they were even. I looked across to the chair next to me and there was a crow standing on it. I hate crows, so I tried to shoo it away, but it didn’t move, so then I thought it would be a good idea to try and flick the crow in the eye with my shoelace. The stupid crow dodged the shoelace and then started to gouge out my stomach with it’s beak. It hurt. It hurt real bad.


… And then I woke up.


It’s supposed to be the “rainy season” in Japan right now, 梅雨 (つゆ) if you can read Japanese, but for the last week, coming up to two weeks now it’s just been Mr. Sunshine. I think I should be happy about this, but actually, it’s so hot and humid right now that I’m sweating more than a fat, chocolate cake loving kid stuck in an Egyptian desert!!! The weather forecast predicts a thunder storm everyday… but it just never comes!

  This is a very sexy tan of one of my fellow teachers.

Even though I find myself using my air con everyday these days, I hope it stays sunny. I want to work on my own tan, but not only that, I love the fact that I can hang out a load of washing and it’s dry within the hour! No Chinese laundries at my place at the moment! Score.

Just 3 weeks until Summer holidays start, and then 1 week after that and I’ll be in Korea for a holiday!! Come on holidays… can’t you come any faster?!

To escape Japan or not…?

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So there was a major Earthquake on the 11th March that hit the coast near Miyagi prefecture. There has been constant news, not only because it was a Magnitude 9 Earthquake, but also because it caused a tsunami which literally destroyed towns like nothing, moving cars and trucks like they were toys. And that’s not just it either. The tsunami caused damage to the back-up generators for the Daiichi Nuclear Plant, which is now releasing radiation. Japan is trying to cool these reactors down as fast as possible, even using sea water to try and keep the rods in the nuclear factory cool.

Australia, America and some other countries have advised people not to go within an 80 kilometer radius of the Nuclear factory, a much increased distance compared to that of Japan which still remains at 30 kilometers.
And then, not only that, the weather is still strange, and it has been snowing creating a very cold and sad feeling especially for those that have lost everything and are currently living in school sports gyms.

Australia is advising any Australian residents to get out of Tokyo. I’m living in Osaka, but the news is constant and friends and family are worrying. I thought I wouldn’t leave unless there was going to be some type of damage or disaster to my area, but I’m thinking I might just leave to have a break from it all. Spring Vacation is coming up, and even though my Board of Education tells me “well, if you’re going to take more time off work than your annual leave, your salary will go down for the month”. It’s so stupid that teachers here don’t get the school holidays off like in Australia.

My mind is just so confused about what to do. It’s so sad to watch the news everyday. I want to help, but I’m not sure what I can do. I’m donating money to Japan to try and help out. I’m just not sure what i’m going to do…


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So… yes, it’s been a while since i updated last.. and of course with my life, that means many things have passed already! Damn.. Can I remember them all?? Who knows.. but I’ll post the important things that I can remember, and anything else I’ll have to update later!
Catching up with Fiona in Kobe!! ☆

Lets start with today and work backwards. Today I got my hair cut for the first time since I’ve been to Japan this time! It was almost 4 months of not cutting.. and whilst I liked having my hair grow longer, it was starting to become annoying having to straighten it everyday.. Though I did manage to throw some wax into it and with the aid of my straightener, kind of go curly.. Anyway, most of the brown is out, it’s thinned out, and I use less shampoo again! Win Win!!

Yesterday, being Tuesday I went to Ikea, which I found out is spelt イケア in Japanese.. slightly different pronunciation! I spent at least a good 3 hours in there by myself.. wishing to buy everything.. wishing that I owned my own house and could design and decorate it as my heart desired!! So i’ve started to tidy my place up a bit.. At the moment the bowls have chips, every plate is a different design, the saucepans have had the teflon scraped to shreds.. So I’m on a mission to slowly but stylishly update my place!! I bought wooden coat-hangers, 4 white bowls, a new knife, fork and spoon set. I still need to buy a new cutlery holder, white plates, mugs, cups, glasses, saucepan. I bought 4 new towels, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow and 1 white. I bought a new pillow.. I need to buy more as spares for when people come and stay over.. I also want to buy a mini ironing board. I can live with doing ironing on a table with a towel, but it’s kind of annoying… I also want to do something about the clothes storage space in my wardrobe.. it just seems not practical at the moment.

So also I went to Nagoya for the weekend. This is the 2nd time i’ve been there this year. Again I got to catch up with Ken-chan and Hentai no kami-sama Ryo-kun! It was good, but I really wish I could stay there for longer than just the weekend!! From now I will be a bit busy with studying for JLPT and preparing to go to Taiwan and Tokyo (and possibly Kagoshima if Shuhei writes back to me).. Anyway, I really miss those guys in Nagoya.. I wish we were all UNI students again like back in Armidale and go drinking, hang out, go for drives~ watch Attention Please…

Well.. also I got new glasses! Yep, and it was cheap, fast and very efficient to get in Japan! I was so surprised and it was like 1/3 of the price compared with Australia, and that’s going to places like Budget eyewear that claim to have low prices! So the reason I got new glasses was because I entered the public bath with my glasses on. Actually, that was fine.. and I’ve done that many times before.. what stuffed my glasses up was going into the actual sauna room, trying to wipe the beads of water off with my towel, and in the process of doing that, I rubbed the protective layer of my lenses… T_T very sad.. but it led to a good thing.. I’ve wanted glasses like this for years!! ^_^

I’ve noticed that I didn’t use any Japanese in this blog… I wonder how I will go for the JLPT which is like 2 weeks away?!?! I hope I can pass… but if not, then I guess it’s going to be June/July next year! 勉強がめんどいやけど、日本で日本語をしゃべらなきゃいけへん!ファイト!!


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携帯電話ありますよ! The Iphone 4g! And it came at a good time, because I had to take my computer to the Shinsaibashi Apple store to get checked out. So I still had my very much needed music, games, internet and facebook… It took me a while to get used to it, but I’m getting more confident everyday! よーしっ!! ^^

I’ve also managed to catch up with Sayaka and Evelyn (again). We had a bit of a look around Umeda, ate some awesome Curry, walked around dotonbori and almost died from the heat!

暇時にモチロン泳ぎますが、もっともっと日本のテレビを見ると、好きな番組を見つけています!Anime, food shows, drama’s (君がいた日々), comedy shows, anything with Arashi.. I’ve also managed to see Toy Story 3 and Inception at the Cinema’s. I’m also beginning to learn and remember prices of the rail system, where to transfer and how to get to different lines and destinations. I’m also slowly building up my collection of オシャレ clothing~ ^_^

Last week Thursday I went to the school and checked 前川君 and Shiraki ちゃん English as there is a Speaking Comptetition coming up in 2 weeks time (Which I might also be a judge for). They have pretty much remembered the speech, and just trying to help them with the intonation which is a little harder to improve than I thought, but I think they will be ok. 実は、今、前川君はシドニーの近いのPitt Waterにホーム ステイしてます。So I hope he can improve his English in those 5 days he is in Australia. Shiraki ちゃん is so busy. I went to watch 忠岡中学校 Brass Band performance, which was really awesome and I saw Shiraki ちゃん performing, as well as I know she helps look after her two little siblings and also goes to 塾。

Anyway, I went to Yonezawa 先生 house for dinner with some other teachers, but I had a senior’s moment, and totally forgot everything about one of the 2nd year English teachers that I had worked with on Thursday when helping 前川君 and Shiraki ちゃん! ほんまにごめんなさい、こうざき先生!ここからこうざき先生のことを忘れませんよ!でも、その夜はめっちゃ楽しかったです。ちょっと、「ぷんぷん」って習いました!

Tomorrow I will be going to Rinku Town with the other Osaka-Fu JETS for Japanese Language Programme. I’m not sure how much I will learn from it, but I’m sure I’ll make closer bonds with the other Fu JETS.


I woke up after a good sleep and then Raf and Les had a shower and then we got dressed into our “formal” wear, went down to breakfast which was buffet style, and then went to welcome speeches. At first we sat into our designated areas, so I sat with the Osaka-fu people and met the other people that are going to Osaka Prefecture. I also met the Osaka-shi JETS and I met Eric Chan who is from Melbourne and is a CIR. In the afternoon after all the speeches and info sessions were over, we ate another buffet style dinner, and a lot of Prefectures were have group outings. Osaka-fu JETS were having dinner the next night, so I hung out with other prefectorial JETS and went to カラオケ.

After than we returned to the hotel, but some of us decided to go out to ‘The Hub’ and have some more drinks. I was feeling pretty tired by then, but I went. It was 4 Aussies and 1 Irish man. When we went to the Hub, I was just watching the people around and sad to say, but there was a man in business attire and just drinking beer after beer. His eyes were blood-shot, face slightly red in colour. I just felt sorry for those types of men that have to do that to get through each day of life. I also observed a young-ish couple, this girl had a tattoo on her stomach, obviously it was new coz she was showing it to some of her friends that work at The Hub. I think Helen managed to get a photo of it (in secret). We all left the bar at about midnight, except Leslie and the Irish man. I was so tired, but it was fun to go out and just be stupid with Helen and Graham (who is from Perth).