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Ok, so last week I travelled up to Sapporo which is located in Hokkaido (the north island of Japan). The main reason was because there is a festival held every year for approximately a week called 雪祭り or Snow Festival.

It was amazingly cold and snow everywhere! I was slipping and sliding with every step that I was taking, and unknowingly using muscles in my legs that I didn’t know existed..! I definitely prefer Winter over Summer, but Sapporo is too cold for my liking! The snow is very, very pretty, but it sucks when your clothes are damp, fingers frozen, feet frozen, hair flat, glasses fogged up to the max from entering a building…
But it was definitely worth it for photo’s such as these:

And I suppose it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise, but other towns also had ice sculptures such as Otaru 小樽.

I also went to Tenguyama 天狗山, which offers a nice night view of Otaru, especially in Winter because there is a night skiing course there.

I wish I had more time to travel to more places in Hokkaido, and I would love to see the magnificent flowers that grow in the Summer, but I’m not sure when the next time I will be back in Hokkaido will be. For now, I’m loving my slightly warmer town back here in Osaka!